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~ The number of Internet users worldwide is projected to reach 5 billion in the 2020s; this will mean more than half of the world population will be connected to the Internet for the first time.

~ In the coming 2020s, the world of medical science will make some significant breakthroughs. Through brain implants, we will have the capability to restore lost memories.

~ The 2020s will provide us with the computer power to make the first complete human brain simulation. Exponential growth in computation and data will make it possible to form accurate models of every part of the human brain and its 100 billion neurons.

~ The prototype of the human heart was 3D printed in 2019. By the mid-
2020s, customized 3D- printing of major human body organs will become possible. In the coming decades, more and more of the 78 organs in the human body will become printable.

~ According to forecast made by Futurist Thomas Frey – By 2030 (approximately 12 years from now), up to 2 Billion jobs may disappear, which is like 50% of all jobs in the world taken over by smart robots and machines.

~ By 2024, AI will be able to gauge your emotion before serving you an online Ad.

~ According to a report by Mckinsey, “62%” of executives believe they will need to retrain or replace more than a quarter of their workforce between now and 2023 due to automation and digitization.

~ By 2025, half of the people with a smartphone without a bank account will use a cryptocurrency account.

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