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Surviving in a new world of smooth global economic shifts require that the individual understands how the simple flapping of butterfly wings can lead to a tornado thousands of miles away, or better still: how the outcome of a board game such as Go, can redirect the fate of billions of people globally. Technology has

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According to statistics, people spend an average of 4hrs 25min of their time online, and at least over 2 hours of their time on social media daily. As immersive technologies like VR and AR become more available, this number will increase. A major aspect of our perception will undoubtedly be shaped by the content we

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Sarah could feel sweat begin to gather on her brow and spine as she swiveled on the chair of her GP2T work from home station, her SabiLens strapped on her face. “Can you close a sale when you are under immense pressure?” the interviewer asked again, this time with something of an eerie smile formed

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On February 28th, 2020, the Vatican through one of its institutions, the Pontifical Academy for Life; released a document titled, Rome Call for AI Ethics. According to the Vatican representative; “The Call’s intention is to create a movement that will widen and involve other players: public institutions, NGOs, industries and groups to set a course