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Before 2012, training an AI model to high degree accuracy could take days, now it can be achieved in only a few minutes. This trend of accelerating AI computing has been projected to continue according to report put together by Stanford University in partnership with Google, OpenAI, PwC, Mckinsey & Company, Genpact and AI21 Labs.

Dealing With Machine Intelligence Explosion. Machines, especially through the power of AI, will surpass humans in Intelligence, effectiveness, and functionality. Though there are some areas where humans will hold the dominance; mostly areas that require feeling and emotion.But overall, machines will have capabilities that far surpass even the most Intelligent of humans.Areas like Computer Vision,

Human Vs Machine Intelligence.

I see a lot of people, even high level AI researchers, caught up in the conundrum of whether Machine Intelligence will ever triumph over human intelligence. For me, I don’t think it is proper to even compare both kinds of intelligence, they are two separate entities. Computers can never be human and humans can never

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